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The mission of the Santa Clara Valley PTA, a countywide PTA Unit, is to provide a sustainable source of income that can be used for grants and monetary gifts to low-wealth schools.
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July 28, 2017

Dear Friend of PTA,

The PTA is committed to helping parents understand the importance of supporting their children in school activities. We encourage parents and community members to be informed about education issues in order to understand and support our schools. 

We have a PTA in Santa Clara County—Santa Clara Valley PTA—to do just that!  With the California State budget being covered in every medium, you are well aware of the inadequate funding of our schools and the challenges they face.  More than 30 PTAs in Santa Clara County have more than 75% of their students qualifying for free/reduced lunch.   These schools are unable to raise the needed funds for services from their own school parents.  The Sixth District (Santa Clara countywide) PTA Board chartered the Santa Clara Valley PTA to facilitate supporting these PTAs.  We do that by offering mentoring and training as well as providing monetary gifts and grants to help them.  Since the Sixth District does not have a sustainable source of income that can be used to support low-wealth PTAs, Santa Clara Valley PTA fills that void with help from the community.

Since the establishment of our unit in 2006, Santa Clara Valley PTA has provided at least 14 grants to PTA units in Santa Clara County, and we will do so again, but we need your help. By becoming a member in the Santa Clara Valley PTA, you are meeting several needs in the county:

You are becoming an advocate for all the children in Santa Clara County, California, and the nation, for as you become a member of Santa Clara Valley PTA, you also become a member of Sixth District PTA, California State PTA and the National PTA;
The funds available after basic PTA expenses are covered will be used to provide grants to low wealth schools.
You are telling parents and teachers in low-wealth schools that we—the public—
believe all children should have the education and educational services they deserve and need to become successful in life.

We need your support. Please become a member of the Santa Clara Valley PTA.

Former State PTA President Jo Loss stated, “PTA has a long history of doing the right thing for children. Starting with our establishment in 1897, PTA has stayed focused on children and parental involvement, with the perspective that if we are better parents, our children will have better lives. Please join us in positively impacting the lives of all children and families.”
Please feel free to invite family members, friends, and neighbors to join as well. You don’t have to have a child in school to join the PTA, and you don’t have to be a parent. You just have to care about children and public education. Membership is only $10 per person, and it’s tax deductible.  For a downloadable membership form, please click here.

Thank you!

Elena Shea
Santa Clara Valley PTA



Vandana Kaushal
Sixth District PTA


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